Thermocell™ - Thermal Insulating and High Heat Resistant Material

Goodcell™ grout mix pumped into an underground coal fire with temperatures in excess of 1500° F.

Thermocell™ is a cellular concrete mixture comprised of selectively proportioned quantities of Portland cement, fly ash, water and proprietary foam admixtures that, when combined and cured under specific conditions, form a strong, high-heat resistant solid product. Environmentally safe and non-polluting, Thermocell™ cost-effectively incorporates fly ash waste products to form a unique, thermally efficient, inert insulation material which maintains long term in-place stability for a variety of construction and industrial applications. This low to medium density cement material is highly flowable in its initial state allowing for easy placement and complete filling of formed spaces of any shape or configuration. Thermocell™ mixes harden to provide a material with proven high temperature resistant characteristics which permit it to be used as a fire resistant material. Typical applications for the following:

Coal Fire Suppression
Poured-In-Place Walls
Wall Insulation
Fire Brick
Fireplace/Oven/Kiln Linings

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